19 July 2008

A Little Explanation About Collies

This whole collie story is kind of complicated and now that we finally have our collie, I can set the story down in an orderly way. There are five collies involved, all sable and white or sable merle and white, and all male.

The first collie was the rough-coated collie puppy who died shortly after he was born, about two months ago. I mentioned him here before.

The second collie was Dakota, the three-year-old rough male who had decided he didn't like going to dog shows. His breeder decided to try one more show season to finish his championship in the conformation ring (he was halfway there already). However, it took her almost a month to decide this, while we waited in Palm Desert in a very hot June. On the other hand, we were there to have company from New Jersey that we wouldn't have had in Lancaster.

The third collie, from the second breeder, in Simi Valley, was another rough puppy, but the breeder's daughter decided she wanted him if he was of good enough quality. She's married to another collie breeder in the Midwest. He was, so off he went.

The fourth collie was a two-year-old rough male with an overbite and a bit of a history. He, however, developed collie nose and the breeder decided to give him to a friend who had known him for some time. She didn't feel comfortable about him coming to me in the desert, as she couldn't give her usual guarantees of good health.

So, after deciding that I didn't really want a puppy, even though they're precious and adorable, and even after preferring rough-coated collies (like Lassie), I changed my mind yet again and ended up with the fifth collie, a smooth-coated puppy. We've had him for nine days. He's grown so much you can see the difference from day to day. He's very smart and is figuring out the house-training business very well. We just love him.

11 July 2008

Gordo Comes Home

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This is Gordo, my new puppy. He's a smooth-coated collie and is 10.5 weeks old. He's a little sweetheart and we just love him. He weighs 15.2 lb, which is about a fifth of his adult weight.

He came yesterday and has made himself quite at home. He spends a fair amount of the day sleeping, naturally. He keeps me running, I tell you.

The wire in the foreground is the ground wire for the electrical panel we added on when we installed an emergency generator. The generator burns natural gas (or propane) and will run almost everything in the house.

The escrow closed on my mom's house, a week ago. That's a real weight off my shoulders, although in a way I was very sorry to see it sold. They wanted to do an EFT, Electronic Funds Transfer, but I refused that option. I wanted to hold the check in my hands, not just see an account balance change.

I spent a little money on yarn to celebrate the sale. I'd take some photos, but Gordo is a little unreliable around yarn. Actually, he's quite reliable, but I don't like what I can rely on him to do, which is to put it in his mouth, carry it around triumphantly, and then lie down and chew on it. That's bad for the yarn and, if he swallows it, possibly worse for the puppy.