16 September 2007

Forest Canopy Shawl II

Forest Canopy Shawl II
Originally uploaded by Mary The Digital Knitter

This is my second Forest Canopy Shawl. I really like this pattern. It's very easy to knit and the results are very pretty..

This version is knitted with turquoise lace-weight alpaca/silk (75%/25%) yarn, instead of the fingering weight yarn I used for the first one. I find the lace-weight yarn to be exasperating, but pretty and so very soft. I'm using US 5 needles and I've used about 80% of the first of two balls. Needless to say, it's going a lot slower than the first one did.

I've got a bunch of chunky luxury yarns on order for winter scarves and when that arrives I'm probably going to put the shawl aside and knit a few scarves. They go so quickly it's just amazing. I've ordered alpaca and cashmere blends from Knit Picks, so the scarves will be pretty thrifty. That's one of the reasons I'm so fond of knitting scarves, that I can use the most luxurious yarns around without bankrupting myself. Add in the good prices at Knit Picks and Elann and it's even better.

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