28 January 2008

Starting Clapotis Again

For the third time I've finished the increase section of Clapotis. The yarn is holding up well, better than I am. I'm not very happy with the edges on this, but I keep telling myself no one will notice. For once, I think that's an accurate assessment. Usually it's just trying to avoid pulling the whole thing back and starting over.

Here's the first photo, of the set-up and increase sections. No dropped stitches yet (the first one will be in six rows). I've got twelve pattern repeats, instead of the called-for sixteen. The version I just pulled back had all sixteen but it was going to be too wide for the amount of yarn I have.

Here's a close-up photo showing the twisted stitches on each side of the soon-to-be dropped stitches. These twisted stitches (knit through the back loop) are a little firmer than the regular knit stitch and will help the piece hold its shape.

And here's a photo of what happened when I unpinned the tip of the triangle. It's stockinette stitch and it promptly rolled itself up. Dropping the stitches reduces the rolling quite a bit, though.

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Kiyomi said...

As always, your yarn looks like a great choice. Can't wait to see the excitement of dropped stitches.

Just moved my mom to assisted living and am in the process of packing up her house. I hope it goes as smoothly as your house packing sounded (I'm sure it was emotionally harrowing in real life, but your description made it sound bearable.)

Still loving your blog!
your most devoted lurker,