24 December 2006

Christmas Knitting Update

I've finished my S-I-L's scarf and it came out very well, I think. You can hardly see where I dumped the forkful of fettuccine Alfredo on it. I also finished a Moebius scarf for my cousin in New Jersey; this had been sitting around for about a week and a half, waiting for me to finish off the ends for the knit-on I-cord edging. The scarf for my goddaughter has been finished for a few days.

Now I've got to launder and block these three scarves, which I'm kind of putting off. I'm not sure I have a towel long enough for the two long scarves. I suppose I can just pin them down on the bare carpet, without the towel, or use two towels but both alternatives seem really wrong somehow. I've always used a single towel over the carpet for blocking. Oh, well, I'll adapt.

Anyway, all I have left to finish is the Serene Moebius scarf I mentioned before, on which I've knitted nine of, probably, twelve rows and an I-cord bind-off. Then there's a blue or black scarf for my godson, a lavender and blue scarf for our niece, and a teal and green scarf for our friend Don. This last must be a manly scarf, so I need to find just the right pattern.

Fortunately, none of these people is expecting their scarf on Christmas Day. That's mostly because we already gave most of them gift certificates in good time.


Kim said...

I think the scarves are lovely! I really like the purple one. What size do you generally make them?

I should make myself a scarf - and a hat, and some mittens, but I am usually so busy with baby buntings, I never get around to doing anything for myself. I am still in the middle of a baby bunting for Amy's second baby (who is a girl, they just discovered) and is due in April. I started this bunting when she first found out she was pregnant, so it's been what? 5 months? and I am still "in the middle of it."

How long does it usually take you to complete one scarf?

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

I make the Moebius scarves long enough to go around your neck twice, at least. Some are a little longer (more photos should appear soon). The regular rectangular ones vary from about four feet to over eight feet.

Depending on the yarn, the pattern, and everything, it takes anywhere from an hour or two to a couple of days for me to make one scarf.

If you'd like the purple one, which is nice warm wool, it's all yours. Or you can hold out for one with the center made of that yarn and the edge made of a pretty variagated yarn that I just got. You're taking your chances waiting for a hat to match, but I'll try. No mittens, though. I don't do mittens.

I have a skein of 100% baby alpaca yarn in navy with which I could make a somewhat-narrow rectangular scarf. This is wonderful yarn, ever so soft and warm. No crias (baby alpacas) were injured in its making. Let me know when you send your mail address.

Mary, with a lot of scarves on hand