19 February 2007

Costco Trip, Glasses, and More Scarves Knitted

We went to Costco this morning, driven by the need for dog treats and paper towels. OK, there was some other stuff, too, but we resolved not to go through the entire store. We even had a list and stuck pretty close to it.

I was surprised at how much we got for Neil the Collie. The chicken breast strips, fish oil capsules, and glucosamine/chondroitin pills were on the list, but the freeze-dried salmon cubes and sausage treats weren't. Of course, we spoil him outrageously, but he's pushing 14 and we won't have him around for much longer. We lost his brother Buzz to cancer about a year and a half ago. I think Neil might be the last of his litter of nine still alive; he was the firstborn (Buzz was third).

We got batteries and baby aspirin and naprosyn and Tums and paper towels and toilet paper and diet Coke (with and without caffeine) and ciabatta rolls and laundry detergent and fabric softener and potato chips and bread and a paperback mystery and 9-volt batteries. We didn't get bananas (they were out) or pastel K. Bell socklets (but I was seriously tempted) or a fleece blanket or a huge flat-panel TV or a storage bin or any of the other items that caught our eyes at least briefly. We really didn't get anything frivolous, except maybe the paperback mystery. Still, we spent hundreds of dollars.

We'd spent the weekend getting glasses at Lenscrafters. I need reading glasses, bifocals, and bifocal sunglasses. Because I'm so near-sighted without my glasses that I can't reliably find my glasses, I get two pairs of each kind. That way I always have the right glasses for driving, both day and night, and for playing on the computer and knitting. My husband ended up getting three pairs of glasses because he wanted one pair at each house and one pair in his pocket. That was more expensive than going to Costco, but I didn't have to make half a dozen trips unloading the car afterward.

I finished an Argosy scarf variation made from two skeins of Noro Kureyon. It's only three squares wide, not five like in the pattern. The colors are purple, hot pink, rust, orange, and brown and it came out really nice. I'll take a photo tomorrow, when the sun is out, and post it. I'd have taken it today but it rained from about 0300 to about 0900 and was cloudy and dismal most of the day.

I also finished a garter-stitch scarf made of one skein of Red Heart Light & Lofty in burgundy. It's 16 stitches wide, which is eight inches, and not quite five feet long. It's for my friend Pat's daughter, a California girl who lives in South Dakota now and is, she assures us, freezing to death. Pat had picked up the yarn at a sale a whole back and brought it by for me to knit up quickly. I'm going to drop it into one of those UPS plastic bags and send it off 2nd Day Air before the kid gets frostbitten. This was really fast to knit, on size 15 (10 mm) needles but I'm not fond of boucle yarn, acrylic or not.

I started an Alien shadow-knit scarf from Stitch 'n Bitch, using Lion Brand Microspun in black and lime green but frogged it because I wasn't happy with the selveges. I'm going to try the knit-on I-cord selvege that Annie Modesitt uses on so many patterns instead. I just don't like the plain edge.


Obsidian Kitten said...

i made the alien illusion scarf (well, an adapted version of it) and it was a lot of fun!

my cats used to love those freeze-dried salmon treats, too...great thing to spoil dogs (and cats) with--the fish oil too is very good for them! it's nice to have furbabies to spoil...

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

Neil the Collie is currently getting two big capsules of fish oil a day because he has a problem with dry flaky skin. It had gotten so bad that he had an infected rash in some area and had to take antibiotics and antihistamines and get bathed with special medicated shampoo. He's doing a lot better now, but he still has some itchiness.

The freeze-dried salmon treats are a tasty addition. I'd bet Neil the Collie would gladly eat enough salmon to get the equivalent amount of fish oil. He's good at anything that involves eating.

I think the world needs a cat illusion scarf pattern or two. I've seen hearts and skulls and stuff, but no cats.

Gloria said...
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Gloria said...

Changed computers, lost my beloved mother-in-law, got sick --and SO, I am catching up slowly on your blog, which is always such a joy to read.

Just expressing my loyalties as a devoted stock owner of the place, but you can get really good glasses at Costco, too.


Mary the Digital Knitter said...

Gloria, I'm sorry about all your troubles. Please accept my deepest and most sincere sympathy for the loss of your beloved mother-in-law. I'm glad that you're feeling better and that you seem to have whipped the new computer into shape.

I agree entirely about Costco glasses. I really like Costco and I'm a good customer. I'm doing my best to keep the value of your stock high. Trust me on this.

However, Lenscrafters gives us a 30% discount because we're in the SoCal Auto Club. Plus, they're less than a mile from our house and parking is easy. Our original Costco was in the same shopping center, but parking there has never been easy.