23 February 2007

Indecision Strikes The Digital Knitter

Or, at least, sneaks up quietly and stands around looking inconspicuous. It's trying not to draw attention to itself, in hope that it can just vanish while I'm not looking.

We're packing up to go down to Palm Desert, where we have another house, for about three months or until it gets too hot down there to hang around. I've been racing around the house in an absolute frenzy of packing and stacking stuff to take with us. Now that I've got the easy stuff out of the way, I have to figure out what I want for knitting down there.

I can't take my entire stash with me, as it's too big (I've been collecting it for a while, after all). I was thinking I'd take the yarn I bought for warm scarves, which is mostly two or three skeins of very nice stuff, and the fingering and lace-weight yarn that I plan to use for lace. I might also take some of the ribbon yarn for fashion scarves. I'd thought of taking the afghan yarn I got, but I think it's too warm down there already to be knitting an afghan.

Of course, there's an excellent local yarn shop, just around the corner from a fabulous local bead shop, and both about as close to my house as retail stores get. It's just a quick two-mile dash down Washington, over the freeway, and turn right at the first light (Country Club), then right again at the first light.

However, I'm trying to knit from my stash as much as I can. I didn't sign up to do this formally, so I don't have any public promises to keep. I need to do it anyway because my stash is getting too large. I discovered buying yarn on eBay, particularly luxury fibers and hand-painted yarn, and maybe bought a little more than I actually needed. Here in Lancaster my only sources for yarn are Michaels, Walmart, and Joanne's. No wonder eBay looks so good.

The next question is what books to take. I refuse to drag my entire knitting library down, but I'll need part of it. I think, based on the yarn I'm taking, that I'll take scarf and accessory books, as well as the sock books. I'll also take the three Vogue Stitchionary books and the five Harmony Guide books. You can look at my knitting library here. To look at the knitting books, type 'knitting' into the search box, select 'Tags', and click 'Search'. If you see anything there you think I should include, let me know.

The only thing I'm not indecisive about is knitting equipment, needles and stuff. I'm taking all of that. It's already packed up in a nifty rolling crate I got on eBay.

Cool, isn't it? I've also got a couple of these folding crates, without the fabric organizer, that I use a lot. They're really handy, partly because they fold up so small.

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