18 May 2007

Progress Report

No photos this posting. I've vowed to not even touch any other project until the stole is done and so far I haven't broken the vow. However, the instant I finish binding it off I'll be taking photos of it, the baby blanket, and the bit of fuchsia mystery lace and posting them all.

My feather and fan stole has had a growth spurt and is now about 36 in. long without stretching. I'm going to knit twelve more inches and block it to 72 in. At least, I think I am. It can be stretched to almost 50 in. without any special effort right now, so I should have no problem blocking it that large.

I stuck in a marker so I won't have to keep measuring the stole. I used a coilless safety pin because they're light and don't fall out, but they sure do make me wonder who it is who thinks a knitter wants a marker with a sharp point. That point is a positive nuisance when putting the pin in, as it's so willing to go though the yarn itself, not the stitch. Oh, well, I can do with these pins what I do with the needles I use for bead weaving and stringing, which is to remove the sharp point with a little grit stone. Doing so greatly reduces the number of blood stains that must be removed from the finished object, too.


Helen said...

Crochet stitch markers! They're very like coilless safety pins, but not all harsh and pointy and dangerous... They tend to come in those familiar hideous colors, but of course that means that you'll see them (no one makes yarn those colors anymore).

And thanks for the rolling wire bins tip! Must find some! It's like the new library shelving that packs all the shelves close and moves the whole lot to open the aisle you need!

Stephanie said...

Hopefully you finish the stole soon, and hopefully it isn't bloodshed to do so! :o)