02 May 2007

Camera To Laptop Problem Solved

Did you notice how nonchalantly I dropped those two photos of the pink top into my last posting? No whining about how much trouble I was having, just a couple of photos to illustrate what I was writing about.

Well, I have to admit, right here in front of God and everyone, that it was all my fault that I couldn't post photos. Mostly. I was trying to use a USB cable and upload from my camera into my laptop (which I still can't do), when all that time I could have been taking the memory card out of the camera and plugging it right into my laptop. My laptop, which is pushing five years old, is limited on what kinds of memory cards it can read and I was just certain it couldn't read the card I use.

Wrong, wrong, wrongitty, wrong. My clever husband had made sure that my laptop could read the memory card when he bought me the camera. So all that complaining and all those photo-less postings were totally unnecessary.

I'll now go back and check the postings to see what I should post photos of. I don't think it's a lot, though. I'd thought of sneaking back and editing the postings to add the photos, but figured out that no one who had read them originally would read them again, which made that a really stupid idea.

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Vyvyan said...

Don't you just hate it when the solution to a problem turns out to be so simple?! I have those forehead slapping moments all the time.