30 April 2007

And You Think You're Slow....

I'm knitting some four-stitch I-cord for a little pink cotton/model top I started knitting in about 1981. I think I finished it in about a month except for the crocheted cord with bobbles. I don't crochet all that well, so the top got put aside until a friend could teach me. Somehow that never happened. Then the pattern got lost (I sure wish I still had it) and the whole thing just sat. And sat. Until today, when I decided to forget ever finding the instructions and learning to crochet and started a piece of I-cord. I've got about a foot done already. It goes fast, doesn't it?

Here's the top, in all its rolling stockinette stitch glory.

Here's a better photo of the yoke. The top is turned inside and stitched down, with the I-cord inside, so the neckline can be tied. The lace motif is a pineapple. My grandmother crocheted hundreds of pineapple doilies, tablecloths, and other items, which is why I'd picked out this pattern. And why I wished I hadn't lost it.

Can you guess that I'm not wild about finishing?

Incidentally, I know when I knitted this top because I know when the paper my husband gave at the SIAM (an association of mathematicians) yearly meeting we went to was published. Buying handwork projects as souvenirs makes them easy to date. I got a great needlepoint pillow top at the same time. The conference was in Denver, at a downtown hotel, and I studied the phone book and went to Larrimer/Larrimore/Larri-something Square, to a great shop, and bought two projects. I worked the needlepoint when we drove from SoCal to northeast Iowa for my husband's high school reunion, coming home by way of Banff and Waterton and Glacier.


Kiyomi said...

Hi Mary,
I just discovered your blog the other day and I'm enjoying it immensely. One daughter is about to start college in engineering so I've been send her links to your posts about physics and engineering as I work my way through the archives. Congratulations on having the persistence to finish such an old UFO!

DebbieKnitter said...

Oh that is soooo pretty Mary, how dainty and beautiful your stitch work is!! I always crack up when I hear people say they are not wild about finishing. FInishing is my favorite part, it is like the icing on the cake ;)

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

Debbie, what's your mailing address? I hate to think of you without any icing on hand.

Seriously, I think I want to redo the binding off for the sleeves, because that seems a little tight to me. Then I'll get out a tapestry needle and finish this little rascal. What I didn't mention is that I've, er, grown a little since 1981 (over a quarter of a century!) and it won't fit me at all. That takes away some of the thrill of getting it done. Maybe I'll measure this and offer it to someone who could wear it and let the lucky recipient finish it.

Kiyomi, I hope your daughter enjoys engineering as much as I have. I really loved it.