09 April 2007

Scarves Go To College

This is the big, relatively warm scarf I knitted for my goddaughter. The yarn is a combination of cotton, rayon and cotton, and rayon strands, with a fuzzy acrylic strand to soften it. I bought it from Spin City Yarns (spincityyarns) on eBay. I buy a lot there, as they have wonderful yarns at excellent prices. You can't really tell it in the photo, but the fabric has a beautiful drape to it.

The pattern is just a five-one ribbing that shifts to the left one stitch every other row. It's enough to keep the scarf from curling, while offering just a little textural interest. The scarf is eight or nine inches wide and about six feet long.

This is a Moebius scarf made from Berocco (I think) Cotton Twist. The pattern was just (k3,p3) on 287 stitches. As a result, the pattern shifted one stitch per round, giving me a chevron stitch. This pattern was based on some of Cat Bordhi's comments. I was mostly trying to keep the scarf from rolling. It has an I-cord bind-off which looks really nice. You can just see it in the photo. The yarn is a very delicate pale apricot.

Four Fun Fur garter-stitch scarves for spring.

The yarn on the left, below, looked more spring-like in the ball.

I really like the way the colors on this scarf worked out. I think this is called flashing but I'm not entirely sure.

Washcloths here. The one on the right is the Ball Band Washcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting and the band around Peaches 'n' Cream cotton yard. (It's not my ball band pattern, which is for the one that is a diamond, with yarn overs on all for sides.) The left one, in doubled white cotton is a pattern I picked up somewhere that I can't remember. It has a very nice textured pattern that's pretty much invisible in this photo.

The last thing that went into the package was a bag of four tangerines, right off the tree in my back yard. This is a little beauty of a tree, with glossy dark leaves. The orange fruit really stand out from the foliage and look very festive. I think it's actually a clementine, not a tangerine, but the difference is minor.


Vyvyan said...

Your goddaughter is so lucky! She's going to love opening up her package from you.

Oh, and Mary, I gotta know--is your carpet really that gorgeous shade of raspberry like your photos show? I would so love to have carpet that color but it'll never happen with guys living in my house.

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

My carpet, which is only in the living and dining rooms, is Berry Splash. It's maybe a little darker than it looks in the photos because the camera tries to average out the brightness of the picture and sometimes lightens darker things. It might be more cranberry than raspberry, meaning a little less pink.

My husband picked the color out when we built the house. Since I really liked it, too, I didn't argue at all. He let me have my way on pretty much everything else, so I was glad to let him pick one thing.

We have white tile in all the rest of the house and neutral Silver Pearl carpet in the casita (guest house). The reason we have so much tile and so little carpet is that my husband is in a wheelchair and carpet is uphill in every direction for him.

You know, if you call it red, not berry, you might be able to slide it by the guys. My husband, who calls this carpet red, says that straight men only recognize about twenty colors, while women recognize at least twenty thousand.