03 April 2007

The Wheels Are Here! The Wheels Are Here!

Is Seville Classics good or what? My grids. connectors, shelf holders, and wheels showed up this afternoon. I've already got three sets of wheels and another layer of cubes on the three by two grid in the previous photos.

Of course, I ended up dumping at least half of that precious hand-painted yarn all over the floor, but at least it's a clean floor, having just been mopped. Actually, all that colorful yarn, all over the white tile floor, looks pretty good.

My trusty tape measure (always get the widest metal tape measure you can, because the wider it is the more of the blade will stick out unsupported and the further you can stand away from what you're measuring) and I have been checking the grid system and the closet quite carefully. It appears that the closet shelf support is exactly in the middle of the wall, dividing a 60-in. wall. And it also appears that two cubes are 30 in. wide (three are 45 in.), so either I can leave out the center cube on a fourth row and put the grid right up against the back wall and an inch or so from the side wall or I can put three cubes in the fourth row and put the grid system a little out from the back wall. Either way the door will still open and close.

Decisions, decisions. I'll probably go with the three-wide top row to get more stability and a little more shelf space. Once I decide and finish putting the yarn in the unit, I'll wheel it out into the hall, pull everything out of the closet, put the yarn unit in, and start pulling my hair out trying to organize all the beadwork stuff.

This is definitely one of those projects it's more fun to watch than to do.


Karen said...

Hi! Just saw your comment over at the Yarn Harlot. Being a former Cleveland resident (I was in school when the river burned) I can't help but mention it was the Cuyahoga River. The Cayuga River, if there was one, would probably be in Ithaca, NY (or somewhere near there) - that is where I went to college (Cornell). I guess I just have a thing for place names beginning with C. So how on earth did I end up living in Winchester (although I do live on Church Street!)? Now that that is out of the way I will have to go and read your blog (I would have just sent an e-mail but I couldn't figure out how!). I am also an engineer by training although I gave up trying to find a job I like in engineering a long time ago. But I do love to knit! Have a great day, and see you around the blogasphere!

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

I'll be damned. I even googled Cayuga to be sure I had it right. I got a whole bunch of hits, too. That'll teach me.

I've never been to Ithaca, but I've heard it's pretty. Almost all my time in New York has been spent in Buffalo, doing flight research for NASA.