03 April 2007

Someone Out There Is In Trouble

I'm talking about the miscreant who forced me to visit the Morehouse Farm website and buy a couple of scarf kits. You are so going to pay, except that I don't know whether the payment is going to be hearing your praises for finding such a wonderful site or getting a demand that you stop me before I buy again.

The kits came yesterday, while I was knitting on Clapotis. About 2000 I opened the ziplock bag of the Fishknit Wrap and pulled out the fat little skein of yarn. Wow. It was so soft I couldn't wait. I wound it off into a big ball, pulled out my size 13 (9 mm) needles and cast on. That was at about 2015. When I went to bed at 2215 I was halfway though knitting, even with having had to run a couple of loads of laundry.

This yarn, Morehouse Merino Bulky, practically knits itself. It's fat and soft and springy. It knits exceedingly evenly, too. Even the edge stitches are nice and tight. No need for a chain selvedge here.

Plus, it's addictive to knit with. Between the soft texture of the yarn, its spring, and the great resulting fabric, I just can hardly put it down. I've got window washers coming this morning and I haven't done a thing in preparation, I've been so busy knitting.

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