12 April 2007

Done With One, Starting Another

I finished the scarf for my brother-in-law yesterday, except for weaving in the ends. It's an Argosy, knitted from four balls of Lion Brand Cashmere Blend in navy, on 6.5-mm (US 10½) needles. I think it came out beautifully and the yarn, which is mostly merino, is very soft and very pleasant to work with.

I'd post a photo, but my laptop is giving my camera the cold shoulder (or vice versa) and I can't get the photos to transfer via USB. I'm working on it, though. If I get really desperate, I'll try using our desktop computer to retrieve the photos and write a CD-ROM for the laptop to use.

Having finished up the scarf, I needed a new project. I went to my folder of downloaded patterns and printed out a whole slew of them. I settled on the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl, which I had purchased a week or two ago. It's a nice easy pattern, with only eight rows per repeat and very easy to memorize.

I'm not entirely sure if the yarn I'm using, Cherry Tree Hill's Silk & Merino DK in Dusk, is that good a choice, though. The colors may be just a little too bright and they may be in segments that are too short. I'll get a photo posted as soon as I can. However, the yarn itself is really great to work with. It's very soft but it isn't excessively slick. I'm using an Options needle, which is slick metal, and the yarn isn't sliding off the needle or doing anything else objectionable. The merino is probably what makes it behave so well.

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy lace knitting. It's been a while, like maybe twenty years, since I last knitted any sort of major lace project so I picked a pattern aimed at beginning lace knitters. I just finished the eighth repeat and it's going very well.


Vyvyan said...

Darn your laptop/camera! I want to see photos. That shawl pattern looks fun.

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

I hear you, Vyvyan. I dragged my camera to Beaumont and didn't even take any photos (how embarrassing). I'll work on it this afternoon and hope to release the flood of photos.

Hmmm, I wonder if Blogger has a size limit....