31 March 2011

For the Birds

We put food out in our courtyard for the birds because we enjoy watching them. I have large terra cotta saucers on the ground for the bigger birds (doves, blackbirds, grackles) and three window-mounted feeders for the little birds (finches). I don't feed hummingbirds because the neighbors do, although hummers do visit our flowering plants.

The smaller window-mounted feeders are new this season and it's really been fun watching the birds discover them. I have a feeder with nyger seed (thistle) for the finches on the window across the hall from my office, located so I can just look up through the arch and watch them. The other ones are mounted on hall windows where we can watch from our bed.

These feeders are stuck on with suction cups and are fairly small, much to the annoyance of the doves. The doves can't get into the feeders, which frustrates them no end. They sit on top and try to reach down and in to the food, but the feeder is too big for that to work. They try to fly into the feeder, but it's too small. The doves even try to hover outside the feeder, but they can only hover briefly and their wings smack into the feeder if they get too close. They don't even try to get the nyger seeds, maybe because it's so obviously impossible for them.

I don't think doves are very intelligent. These doves could be eating from the big terra cotta saucers on the ground without any problems at all, but there they are, flailing around the little feeders instead. A few of the grackles and blackbirds have made half-hearted attempts to get at the food in the feeders, but they give up quickly. The exercise pen around the saucers baffle the doves, too. They get very frustrated when they're on the outside, walking up and down the fence line trying to get through. The exercise pen is there to keep Gordo the Collie out, not the doves.

In fairness to the doves, they may be stupid, but there are a lot of them, so they're doing something right.

And roadrunners occasionally drop by, either for small birds or peanuts. I feel a little guilty about the former; the buffet isn't supposed to be that extensive. That's how nature works, though.

It's amazing how much pleasure we get from watching the birds. The bird seed isn't particularly expensive (I buy the no-waste feed from Amazon) and we get hours of enjoyment. Birds can be very funny, as when the finches are chasing the doves away. Right now we're seeing a lot of courting and mating behavior. It won't be long before we see parental behavior, bringing the young birds to the food and teaching them to eat.


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