18 March 2011

Gordo the Collie Does It Again

The night before last, Gordo the Collie got into the bird seed. This time he opened a 5.75-lb bag of Nyger seed, intended for the finches, and ate about half a pound. Nyger seed is very small, maybe a sixteenth of an inch in diameter and three-sixteenths of an inch in length. The seeds went through him really quickly yesterday, but he sure left a lot to be picked up. He's pretty much back to normal today.

Yes, I know it's really my fault for leaving the bag where he could get to it. He loves to open bags and boxes and I should have known that bag would be very tantalizing to him. The noise the seeds make when the bag moves would get his attention. It was a nice rattly plastic bag, too.

Gordo the Collie is almost three years old and I'm still having to puppy-proof the house. I blame this on the epilepsy and resultant brain damage. It doesn't matter if he's not perfect. I still love him just as much. I just have to quit forgetting my part of the job.

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