04 January 2007


I finished knitting the scarf for our friend Don today. I've got to add the fringe and wash and block it. It's knitted in mock rib stitch, from three balls of Adriafil Felis Trends here in Spruce (Shade 15), the one at the bottom. This is really fun yarn to work with, as it's soft and sort of fluffy-crunchy and it knits up really fast. The only surprise I got was when I was binding off. I did my usual bind off in pattern and discovered that the end was really flared by the binding off. I undid it and did it again, binding off very firmly so that the end wasn't stretched. It looks a lot better.

I made the scarf fifteen stitches wide, which came out to be 5.75 in. laid flat and about 2.25 in. when allowed to roll itself up at both edges. It's about 70 in. long without the fringe. As soon as I get it blocked I'll put up a photo.

The reason I haven't posted any photos recently is that the program I use to scale the photos down to a reasonable size, The GIMP, isn't working. Every time I try to scale an image, it crashes. I tried re-installing it over the old version, which didn't help, so yesterday I uninstalled it completely and I'm about to install it now. If that doesn't work, I know of another program that will work, I think, and I'll switch to it.

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