01 January 2007

It's 2007 and my checks will be wrong for months

I'm knitting a scarf for our niece, reading AFCA, and watching the Rose Bowl game right now. The score is 3-3, the Trojans just sacked the Wolverine quarterback for the fifth time, and it's still the first half. It's been a defensive duel, but that doesn't surprise me; both coaches spend the first half scoping out the other team's play and then really start playing in the second half.

A few rows ago I discovered that I had done something eccentric and irretrievable about three rows before. Naturally, I tried to fix it but that didn't work. I ended up frogging* four rows and re-knitting. Now I check each row before I turn and knit the next one. I've got about fourteen inches done and it looks too wide to me. Maybe the fabric is a little too firm, too. I'm wondering if I should try the next needle size up and fewer stitches in a row. I only have two skeins of this yarn and it's a unique hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn that I'm sure I can't even begin to match.

*Frogging is when your knitting is so goofed up that the only way you can fix it is to RIP-PIT RIP-PIT RIP-PIT.

I stopped at the supermarket for some caffeine-free diet Coke (CFDC) yesterday afternoon, on my way to visiting my mom at the nursing home. I was really surprised. The store was full of people, all the check stands were open, and the store was out of a lot of things. I got the last CFDC, there wasn't a bit of Brie cheese anywhere, the service deli was looking pretty sparse, and the snack food aisle looked as if a horde of hungry snackers had descended on it and stripped it. In addition to the CFDC I picked up some crackers and a salami, so I had something out of the ordinary to nibble on today.

Were I still working, I'd have tomorrow off as a Federal day of mourning for Gerald Ford. Not that anyone would ever turn down a bonus day of leave, but that's a sad reason to get one. I always liked Gerald Ford, even when he pardoned Nixon. I never could see how he could do anything else for the sake of the country. Mind you, I despised Richard Nixon but enough was enough.

It's half time and I've got to go deal with the laundry before the game starts again.

Oops, I went off to do some things during half time without publishing this. It's not half time any more, the crackers and salami are dwindling, the sun is setting, and the game has moved right along. USC is ahead by 14 points, there's been another USC sack, and a penalty was finally called, well into the third quarter. See, I predicted that the second half would have more action than the first. Good thing, because the first half wasn't very exciting at all.

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