29 January 2007

Red Scarf Photos

Here, courtesy of my Xmas-present digital camera and The GIMP, are some reasonably sized photos of the scarves I knitted for the Red Scarf Program. I had planned on sending two red scarves and a dark rose Moebius scarf, but I changed my mind and sent a white mohair/acrylic Moebius instead.

These had to be in Virginia by the end of the month, so I sent them UPS second-day air. I was running way behind getting the box packed up, so it wasn't ready to go until 1600 or so. I printed out the shipping label and realized I'd forgotten to schedule a pick-up, so I did that and taped up the box. About five minutes after I'd set the box out by my front door, a UPS guy came by and took it away. Now that's real on-call service. It couldn't have been more than twenty minutes from when I hit 'return' to schedule the pick-up.

This is the first red scarf, knit in cartridge ribbing. It looks kind of orange in the photo, because I took it in the afternoon sun and it's a little over-exposed, I think.

You can see the chain stitch edging produced by slipping one stitch at the beginning of every row and purling one at the end of every row.

Here's a close-up of the scarf, to show the pattern stitch better.

Here's the second, which is almost the same color as the first. They're both bright red. This one is "red", the first is "tomato", and the colors are very close. The pattern is Argosy from the latest issue of Knitty. As I mentioned previously, I didn't quite follow the pattern perfectly. Again, there's are chain-stitched edges, as you can see. There's also a systematic error in the knitting, where I didn't look carefully enough at the pattern. It's not really visible, though.

Here's a closer look at the scarf. Before I washed and blocked the scarf it had a beautiful rolling texture that got flattened out. However, the way the light hits the scarf here exaggerates what little of it remains, so you can get an idea of it. This was a fun scarf to make, being knitted on the diagonal. It's quick, too. I'm going to make more.

This is the third. It's a Moebius scarf, knitted from the center out, using Cat Bordhi's technique. The scarf has only one side and one edge (there are no seams). The yarn is mohair, acrylic, and something synthetic, making a light, fluffy, warm scarf.

Here's a close-up, where you can see that it's knitted alternately with stockinette and reverse stockinette. This is to keep it from rolling up into a tube from the center to the edge.

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