16 August 2007

A Bit Of Advice

Friends, let me pass on to you a hard-won bit of advice. Let my travails save you from a similar situation.

If you buy an eight-ounce cone of beautiful fuchsia rayon lace weight yarn, thin slinky slippery rayon yarn, and you drop it, so the yarn falls off the cone, don't try to save the slippery tangled mess.

Order another cone and throw the mess away. Trust me on this. You'll save a vast amount of time and energy, as well as a lot of grief.

After more than a year trying to rescue my fuchsia mess I'm giving up. I've got about an ounce untangled and wound off that I'm going to keep. The rest is going in the trash. I'm not even going to order another cone. I've learned my lesson.


Vyvyan said...

Just the thought of a rayon lace weight scares me. It has a mind of its own! I probably would have tossed the stuff too.

Kathy said...

Yep. wise choice, in the trash it goes. Been there, swore alot and through it out.

farm-witch said...

oh, I too have been to the isle of deranged yarn spasms. It was a hard lesson to learn and I'm not sure it stuck as I have a tangle of a cone of merino/alpaca lace yarn that I keep trying to rescue. I may be ill.