10 August 2007

I Surrender!

I surrendered today and frogged back my 123 rows of the Mystery Stole 3 and gave up on it. I didn't like the yarn I'd picked, I was too tired in the evenings to work on it, and I'd made a mistake at least thirty rows earlier that absolutely, positively had to be corrected.

Instead, I'm knitting the Candle Flame Stole from Knitpicks. I'm using the same Mint Julep fingering weight yarn and the same 4-mm cube beads (yellow with mint colorlining). I'm putting the beads on the edges of the "flame", with the crochet hook method. I don't have enough done to make a photo interesting. Eighteen rows of garter stitch and three rows of pattern just aren't very photogenic. I want to have a few beads in place before I start snapping. Tomorrow or Sunday, maybe.

PRO FOOTBALL IS BACK! No matter how bad MS3 gets, pro football is back and life is good again.

1 comment:

Kate in Somerset said...

I haven't even started MS3. It's been superceded by the Honeybee Stole.