05 August 2007

Not Much Happening

I haven't posted anything recently because I really haven't had much to report. I've got a couple of scarves going, but they're experimental and I think I'm about to frog them. Wow, is that Classic Elite Posh, being cashmere (30%) and silk (70%), wonderful or what? And the color (Merlot) is so rich and deep. I've got to find the perfect scarf pattern for the two skeins I have. Dragon Scales isn't it, though. Maybe I'll try Reversible Cables.

The Mystery Stole 3 was going beautifully, I thought, until I discovered I was a stitch short. Unfortunately, I discovered it about thirty rows or so after I misplaced it. I was thinking of just reknitting that section, but now I'm thinking it'll be easier to start over. I'm only on Clue 2, after all.

We've got the guest room at my Mom's almost empty. Most of what's left goes to the thrift store, having come from there originally. The volunteers would go through the donations for items that were appropriate for the baskets they raffled off at Christmas. She assembled the items throughout the year and only had to put the baskets together just before the raffle.

We're also doing well on the office and it's about half empty. Again, there are thrift-store donations; this time items that had been set aside for the homeless shelter. She'd accumulate enough to make the trip worthwhile. We've got several cartons packed up and only one or two more to go.

The hardest part is going to be the garage, mostly because it's so hot here. Her garage was used as auxiliary storage for the thrift store and a lot of what's in it will just go straight there, no sorting or repacking required. There even a spinet piano. However, there's a fair amount of other stuff, too. We may end up taking it inside so we can work on it in the air conditioning.

Not very exciting, is it?

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