29 July 2007

52 rows of Mystery Stole 3

52 rows of MS3
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This is my latest project, the Mystery Stole 3. I'm knitting it in Mint Julep fingering weight wool on US 7 needles. The beads are 4-mm cubes, yellow lined with mint.

It sure doesn't look all that great, does it? It's crumpled and curled and lumpy. I keep tugging at it, trying to see the pattern. I can't just look at a chart and figure out what the knitting is going to look like, so this truly is a mystery to me.

I'm running a little behind the clues, since the fourth clue has been out for about ten days and I'm only part way through the first clue. I expect to catch up eventually, of course. I've got another baby blanket to knit and the baby's going to be here in about a month, so I may have to put the stole on hiatus if I don't make a lot of progress soon.

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