09 July 2007

Diamond Fantasy Shawl

Now that I'm done with the baby blanket, I'm working on this shawl again. I'm making it for a friend, who needs it to wear to a wedding in a week and a half. It's going fairly quickly and I think I'll make the deadline. I've finished four repeats of the body chart (there will be ten repeats when I'm done, yarn willing).

Here's a close-up of the diamond pattern.

The pattern is from Sivia Harding. She has a lot of great lace shawl patterns.

I love knitting lace. It's just enough of a challenge to keep me interested. I don't knit really complex lace and I don't knit lace in anything finer than fingering weight. No wedding ring shawls for me.

This shawl is knitted in 50/50 merino/Tencel (lyocell) fingering weight yarn from The Woolen Rabbit. The color is Blue Lagoon. It's a very nice yarn, with a nice hand.

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junior_goddess said...

I think it's gonna look great, but you'd better hurry!