19 July 2007

Quick Update

Real life has been keeping me busy, so this is just a quick posting to update a few things.

The Diamond Fantasy Shawl is thirty rows and a bind-off from being finished. It looks hideous, as does all unblocked lace on the needles. In fact, the more I knit the worse it looks, probably because there's more of it, all jammed onto a relatively short cable.

Our godchildren and their mom were here for about half a day. We spent most of the time looking at family photos which I'd cleverly brought home from my mom's house just for this. I also gave them some little mementos of my mother. There will be more, I think, as well as some for their cousin. My mom was like a grandmother to her oldest brother's three grandchildren, as his wife died fairly young about twenty years ago. My mom was really the only grandmother they knew on that side of the family and she was a truly excellent grandmother, to boot.

We had a very productive meeting with the estate lawyer and clearing the house out is going well. We've got the guest bedroom almost completely done and the kitchen is about a third done. We'll continue on the kitchen and start on the office. I'm putting off the master bedroom as long as I can, in the hope that I'll get more accustomed to going through her things with practice. I still feel as if I'm invading her privacy.

We have out-of-town friends dropping by this afternoon. They're from South Dakota, so I can knit warm scarves and hats etc. for them, knowing they have cold weather and such items will get a lot of use. Knitters in SoCal really enjoy friends like these, as it gives us so much more scope for our knitterly talents.

We're going to go look at mini-vans at the modifiers in the San Fernando Valley tomorrow. That should be very interesting. I'm still holding out for red, of course, so we probably won't buy one off the lot.

I should be back with some photos by Saturday or Sunday.

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Joan said...

I've made 2 DFS's and they are amazing once blocked. You will be thrilled. I love that pattern. Make sure you post a pic!