14 July 2007

Not The Kind Of Fantasy I Was Looking For

I've been knitting away quite diligently on my Diamond Fantasy Shawl for the last four or five days. The day before yesterday, just as I finished the 18th row of the sixth repeat of the 20-row pattern repeat, I held my lovely shawl up so I could admire it. I discovered I'd screwed up an entire row. Twenty rows back.

I tried (oh, how I tried) to convince myself that no one would ever notice, that I only noticed because I was looking for errors, even if someone did notice it wasn't that bad an error, and so on. All the time I was coming up with these rationalizations I had a nasty sinking feeling that there was no way in the world that I was going to be able to leave that row in my shawl. I was just going to have to rip out twenty rows and correct it.

I even tried the acid test. I held the shawl up for my husband to look at, telling him there was an error in it and could he see it? He studied it briefly and then ran his finger along the offending row and I knew I was doomed to frog.

So I did. An entire day of knitting gone in a few minutes.

Mid-morning today I finally got back to where I'd been when I found the error and now I'm halfway through the next pattern repeat. I'm more than halfway done and I'm pretty sure I'll have it done well beforehand.

I'm so sure of this, in fact, that I ordered the interlocking foam squares for blocking from Amazon.com. I'd already bought two pounds of 1.5-in. T pins on eBay, so all I need now is the shawl, a bit of beading cable, and a yardstick.

No photo for this post because it doesn't look that much different. Maybe tomorrow, since I've got some new yarn to show, too.


Kiyomi said...

Two pounds of blocking pins? Mary, I really think that's overkill :-)

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

It was a bargain on eBay and I figured I'd keep half at each house. Except that the day after I bought them I found over a pound of T pins at my mom's house.

Oh, well, I use them for other things, too, like pricking eggs before hard-boiling them. Maybe I should take up macramé, I recall it using a lot of T pins.