16 July 2007

Diamond Fantasy Shawl Progress & New Yarn

Working diligently on my Diamond Fantasy Shawl*, I've just finished the eighth repeat of Chart B (Chart A is the tip and set-up, Chart B is the band of diamonds). As the photo shows, it's a lot bigger now. I only have three or four repeats to go.

Not counting the edging, which increases and binds off regularly, one repeat, of twenty rows, adds twenty stitches, so by the time I finish three repeats I'll have added sixty stitches to the final rows and bind-off. I was considering an applied I-cord bind-off but I'm not sure I have the patience for it. Now I'm thinking I'll just run an eyelet row across and then put a few rows of stockinette on, to get a nicely rolled edge.

I got some new yarn, maybe for my Mystery Stole 3 (MS3). Or maybe not. It's fingering weight Egyptian Cotton from Mystical Creation Yarns. I've got two colorways already and a third in the mail. If I decided to use one of these, I have to go over to the bead shop and find some nice beads to go with the yarn. I also have some cream silk that I'm considering. I don't have to make up my mind until I finish the Diamond Fantasy Shawl, after all.

Here are the two I have:

This colorway is "River"

This colorway is "Topaz Jewel".

*I'm not in the KAL, it's just the best address I can find to show you the shawl.

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Kiyomi said...

I met a woman who's using something in a similar colorway to your Topaz Jewel for her MS3 and it looks great. I'm using Malabrigo laceweight on size 4 needles and I think it looks better with beads that are a couple of sizes bigger than the designer recommends. Mine are labeled "size 5T" and they look right to me, but I'm not to the end of Chart 1 yet and it gets much beadier in Chart 2. And my daughter says I have magpie tendencies, but she also likes the larger beads.