31 March 2007

Found The Patterns I'd Seen

I went to my History file and keyed in skirt and up popped four sites. The third one was the one I wanted, the patterns for the little skirt and one-button bolero for my goddaughter. The pattern is from Tahki (see, I did remember correctly that it was one of the big companies) and it calls for eight or nine balls of DK cotton. I'm thinking that Elann might have a good version of this (like Sonata) for less than the Tahki.

Here's a picture, swiped from Jimmy Beans and uploaded (not linked):

Now isn't this just right for a college freshman? She's got almost waist-length hair and is very slender and graceful. I think this will look good over her swimsuit.

Come to think of it, I might have some DK cotton in my stash at the other house. Looking at my account history at Elann, I see that I probably do. Maybe I'll hold off on this project until June, when we go back up to the other house. There's a possibility that my cousin and his entire family, including the goddaughter, will be out here in SoCal around then and I can measure the kid. I know she's got an itty-bitty waist; she might have an itty-bitty bottom to go with it. I've got the little tees and shrugs to knit to do before I get to this, so I probably wouldn't start much before then anyway.

Knitters will be pleased to hear that when she opened the box full of scarves I sent in February one of her friends remarked "Wow, someone must really love you to knit so much for you!" The other girls agreed, so we know at least some of them understand why we knit for them.

Here's the baby alpaca scarf I sent her for St. Valentine's Day:

It's in faux ribbing stitch and is over eight inches wide and over seven feet long. I didn't put fringe on it because I wasn't sure if the yarn was strong enough to sustain it.

You'll have to tilt your head to see this one correctly:

Here are some of the others I sent:

I'm told she wore the red and silver one, here, on St. Valentine's Day.

Right now I've got one big scarf and another Moebius for her specifically, four eyelash scarves for the group, and two washcloths ditto. I'm going to try to do a couple more washcloths and get it sent off on Monday. Photos will be taken before the box is closed. Her birthday is on the 24th (the same as my mom's), so I'm going to try to get a couple of tops done for that.

Here are a few more photos that I should have posted earlier. The first is my Clapotis, done in hand-painted sock yarn. It's at least twice as long as this now, but I put it aside to knit scarves.

I like the way hand-painted sock and sport yarns look for scarves, so I bought some more, mostly on eBay. You might be able to tell that these sock yarns are Cherry Tree Hill (wide band) and Lorna's Laces (narrow band).

Yes, I do like blue and turquoise and purple, as well as red and pink and purple. How did you guess?

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