23 March 2007

A Little High

Some idiot (me) bought a bottle of bourbon that's 101 proof and failed to notice that when making a highball. It's pretty good bourbon (Wild Turkey), but I think maybe it's time to put my knitting aside and refrain from posting. We infrequent drinkers tend to be more affected by alcohol than are those who drink more often. I already made a mistake in the knitting and had to tink (that's knit spelled backward and it's just what it sounds like, unknitting stitch by stitch) 147 stitches to fix one lousy stitch. That was this afternoon, before the bourbon came out. In fact, it's part of the reason the bourbon came out, now that I think about it.

Speaking of high, there have been a lot of bizjets landing today. It started late morning and really picked up around five. They're still coming in, as I write. I wonder what's happening this weekend that's bringing them in.

I mentioned in a previous posting that I didn't know what high bypass ratio jet engines sound like, but that's wrong. I do know. There's a reason the S-3A Viking is better known as the War Hoover. High bypass ratio jet engines sound whooshy, like vacuum cleaners.

I just finished the third round on my latest Mobius scarf. It's a pretty pale apricot in Berocco Cotton Twist. I cast it on to use my new Knitpicks Options needle set, which arrived as scheduled. That was a fun package to open. There's a nice zippered binder, a bunch of vinyl pages with varying numbers of pockets, needle tips, cables, packets of cable wrenches (OK, little bits of stiff wire) and end caps, and size markers, all packaged individually. I love playing with all the parts and organizing everything into the binder.

I also organized the extra tips and cables I got for the Denise system, but I think the size 17 and 19 tips make the binder just a little too fat for easy zipping. However, I have Day Runner and Franklin Planner binders in Lancaster and I think the vinyl pages will fit into at least one of them. Being retired I no longer need an organizer, so the binders are just sitting around. Now that I think about it, the only calender I have is the one on the back of my check register. What a change from when my organizer went everywhere I did.

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