20 March 2007

I Know It's Here Somewhere....

I'm still unpacking from the translation down here. It's been two weeks and I've got all the important stuff, like dog treats, yarn, clothes, and two new airplane books, unpacked, but I can't find the second box full of knitting books. I know it's here, because I've seen it (I think--I'm getting increasingly dubious of this as time goes by) but I just can't find it.

It's not direly urgent yet, as I'm mostly just knitting scarves in pretty spring colors for my goddaughter and her friends, but I'd really like to find it eventually. Sure, eyelash scarves are just garter stitch, but I don't have all that much eyelash left (well, I do, but not in spring colors) and at least two scarf books were in the first box of knitting books. I really need a scarf pattern for two balls of Berocco Cotton Twist (Aran weight, 85 yd/78 m per ball) in a beautiful delicate apricot.

Oh, well, it'll turn up. It's probably hiding amid the Eric Flint (alternate history) and David Weber (military science fiction) boxes. I'll find it just in time to take about half the books back up to Lancaster.

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