26 March 2007

Neil the Collie and the Rainbow Bridge

Neil the Collie set off for the Rainbow Bridge at about 1030 this morning, I'm sorry to report. He'll join his littermate Buzz there, as well as MacDuff, Duncan, Donal, and Malcolm.

He'd turned 13 on the fifth of March, which is quite old for a collie. He'd been having neurological problems for a couple of years, caused by narrowing of the spine and compression of the nerves. Last night he had some sort of attack or seizure that damaged his already-precarious balance and reduced his limited mobility.

He wasn't in any pain physically that we could see, but his dignity was in great danger. He was always a most dignified dog and the loss of dignity was painful to him (and to us). So we sent him on to the Bridge, to be re-united with Buzz and to wait for us.

Since his passing, the skies here have clouded up and it may rain. Even Nature grieves with us for this most excellent of dogs.

I know there's no reason at all to believe in the Rainbow Bridge, not theologically, not logically, not realistically, but I truly hope it's true. Our dogs have each been as much a part of our family and our lives as they could be; they have enriched our days, lightened our sorrows, rejoiced in our joys, and been beside us, loving and trusting us unconditionally. Faith is when you can believe something with absolutely no evidence.


Pippi said...

I'm so sorry!

BigAlice said...

I'm so very sorry. I'm glad you were able to enjoy 13 years with him.

Boron Elgar said...

Oh, dearest Mary! I am so very sorry to hear about Neil. It is just one more bit of sadness that you've had to deal with this past year.

May the spring bring you renewal and great joy.


Kim said...

Mary, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've enjoyed hearing about some of the adventures of the beautiful Neil and Buzz. My heart goes out to you and to Buzz.


Mary the Digital Knitter said...

It's really sad right now, but that pales compared to all the good times we had together. I'm already starting to look back at the good times. I sure do miss him, though.

Vyvyan said...

I fought back tears reading about Neil. We went through something similar with one of our Corgis several years back. She was the smartest and sweetest dog we've ever had. I know your pain.