28 March 2007

Found Them!

I finally found the second box of knitting books. Of course, I had to empty and put away three more boxes worth before I got to it. Why do I always end up with the important boxes on the bottom of the stack? Oh, well, I got the David Weber, John Ringo, and Eric Flint books shelved, so it wasn't a waste of time.

I need to say, quick, that these boxes I keep talking about aren't exactly huge. They're not even as big as copier paper boxes. Rather, they're one-foot cubes from U-Haul. One cubic foot is just about my limit for being able to pick up a box when it's filled with knitting or bead books, magazines, or catalogs, things printed on coated paper. If it's just paperback books, I can manage a 1.5-cu-ft box, the U-Haul "Small" box. I'm not Superwoman and I know it.

So now I've got my Harmony Guides and Stitchionaries at hand, plus a couple of lace books and some more scarf books. I've also got several of the various "Hip" knitting books, so I can knit something stylish for my goddaughter. I don't think she wants anything too edgy but would love something a bit on the edgy side. I thought I'd start with a not-too-cropped cropped tee and work from there.

I'm just about done with the third garter-stitch eyelash scarf for her and her dorm-mates. Yes, I know what everyone says about those, but I like them. They're quick, they're easy, and there's not a lot of emotional attachment. If one gets lost, well, too bad, but it's not like losing a scarf made with a zillion stitches of hand-painted cashmere, in either actual or emotional cost. I'm going to make some washcloths, too. I've got one about half done.

Some wicked cool Great Adirondack yarn arrived in the last two days. There's a skein of Waterfall, a combination of a ribbon and a strand of mohair, dyed together, in Cantaloupe. Then there are two skeins of rayon with "Holo Hoops", donut-shaped holographic sequins, and two skeins of rayon with drops, drop-shaped holographic sequins. These four are just so cool it's amazing. Colors are Mango, Cocktail, Hydrangea, and Peacock. I just love Great Adirondack yarn and colors. Think Superwash worsted-weight merino in Bahama Mama, for example.

If I were a sock knitter, I might consider the sequined yarn for shortish cuffs on a very special pair of socks. Some people may dress conservatively, but in their hearts they're ready for a little flash that only they know about.

One of Neil the Collie's responsibilities was the inspection of yarn. When it arrived, I'd hold it out for him to sniff and when I'd put it into my active-projects bag, he'd come over and sniff again. Now and then he'd find a ball that was intensely interesting and he'd sniff it very thoroughly. He, like all collies I've ever known, was curious. They'd sniff at packages, help with the unpacking, and watch the clearing away of packing materials. Ditto shopping bags. I've always joked that they have those long noses to poke into everyone's business.

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