06 March 2007

Knitting Again

As I reported on Sunday, I found the Alien Illusion pattern and was ready to knit. As soon as I clicked "Publish" I picked up my scarf and began, except that I noticed immediately that I'd made a mistake about fourteen rows back. It was at the end of a row, on the color change side, and I decided I couldn't just repair the four wrong stitches. Instead, I had to frog a dozen rows, pick up the stitches, re-knit the error, and press on.

That wouldn't have been too bad, really, except that I made another mistake in the middle of the new rows. Just one stitch, so I dropped it down to the error and tried to fix it. I finally ended up frogging about six rows to fix it properly. At this point I got kind of discouraged and put it aside for a while. Last night I picked it up and finished the third alien (at last) and this morning I'm starting of the fourth.

I have photos from Thursday or Friday, with 2.5+ aliens.

Now you see the aliens:

Now you don't.

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