19 June 2007

Argosy Baby Blanket

Argosy Baby Blanket
Originally uploaded by Mary The Digital Knitter

Here's my Argosy Baby Blanket. It's more nearly done than I thought it was. I haven't knitted much on it recently, because it's too warm to sit around with a woolly blanket on my lap. However, seeing how little I have to go, maybe I'll try to do a little every day. It's cool enough in the mornings here (68° F when I got up).

Looking at this photo, I'm convinced I can see a pattern in the color placement. It looks like a moiré pattern, doesn't it? Or maybe a Bargello flame pattern?

Let me suggest to anyone who wants to knit this blanket that you not use sport weight. Try worsted or heavy worsted (aran). If I had, I'd have been done a while ago with the number of stitches I've knitted.

And, especially, don't use Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport. It has long stretches where it's thinner than fingering weight. The color of this yarn disguised that a bit, but it would look wretched otherwise. Since the yarn is merino it should "bloom" a bit after being washed, but I obviously haven't done that yet. Still, I don't think all the blooming in the world would be enough.

There's not much happening around here. Our lawyer has moved to another firm, so we have a new one to work with. Right now we're mostly waiting on procedural stuff (notifying possible creditors, etc). We just this morning sent the van down to the San Fernando Valley to have the modified system worked on. The electric side door and the underfloor ramp weren't working at all. We'd tried to get them fixed locally, but that had turned into a real goat rope.

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