13 June 2007

Decreasing Rows and Short Hair

Yesterday morning I got my hair cut. I can't tell you how good it feels to have short hair again. I'd tried growing my hair out into an ear-lobe length bob, which really wasn't the best style in the world for my thick, wavy hair. Then when we went down to Palm Desert I just never got around to getting it cut, for four months, and it grew long enough to brush the top of my shoulders. The longest hair was getting close to a foot long, I think.

At this point it turned into a real pain. It was hot under all that hair, which was marginally too short to be gathered up with a clip or band, and it seemed to me that had hair in my face constantly. Plus, it took a long time to dry.

So I got it clipped. Five inches long at the crown, tapering to nothing at the neckline. My hairdresser is one of the best I've ever had at layering hair down the back of the head. It's neat, just long enough to have a little foof, while still hugging my head, and there's no discontinuity anywhere.

If I could just remember where I packed my camera, I'd post a photo. Oh, well, it'll turn up soon, as we're going to finish unpacking by Friday. I'm pretty sure I put it in a knitting bag, or in a box of yarn, or in the box of knitting supplies, because I intended to take some photos of new yarn or the baby blanket or something.

Speaking of new yarn, I got an 880-yd skein of merino lace weight in a beautiful light orange color. The dyer calls it tangerine, but it's more like the color of the flesh instead of the rind. It's still a fairly bright color. Photos to follow, etc.

And there's some real progress with the baby blanket. I finished the 21st pattern repeat, meaning I've bound off 12 pattern squares, 144 stitches. The current repeat has 19 squares, or 229 stitches. That goes a lot faster. Photos to follow, etc.

Today I'm going over to my mom's for the first time since February. There are a few items of great sentimental value I want to collect and bring back here, but I don't really expect to get much else done. This is more to make a survey of how much there is to do. I know there are cartons of historical records belonging to the volunteer groups, for example, and all I have to do with them is hand them over to their respective owners. It's when I have to make decisions about her own things that it gets hard.

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Kiyomi said...

Gee, I hope you find your camera soon! I can't wait to see the new do! My hair, when short, always makes me look like Hirohito.

I have to agree with your comment on, was it Wendy's blog, about fingering weight yarn being too nice to be walked on. I just bought my first skein that's intended for socks, but not sure I can make myself cast on!

I hope your breeder finds you a pup soon! A dogless summer does not sound like much fun.