04 June 2007

Omnes Didn't Exuent Today; Maybe Tomorrow

We didn't manage to leave here today. IA migraine sneaked up on me and the weather decided to be unreasonable. No one needs 109° weather when they're going over Banning and El Cajon passes, so we waved off and spent the day relaxing. This is one of the pitfalls of being retired. It's really easy to just let things slip a day or two when you have no real deadlines to meet.

I got off top dead center on my Argosy baby blanket and finished pattern repeat 16, the middle row. I've bound off two pattern squares and it's all downhill from here. Every time I finish a pattern repeat I'll have two fewer squares and 24 fewer stitches. Those 373-stitch rows were getting to me. Photos will follow soon, once I get to Lancaster tomorrow.

That is, if tomorrow really is cooler, albeit windy, as they're forecasting and my migraine finally goes away and nothing else happens to delay us. I'm avoiding sounding certain in hope that it works better that way.


Vyvyan said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine. I hate when that happens and you have to cancel plans. Been there...

Good luck getting over the hump with your Argosy blanket. This one just may burn you out! Gosh darnit, it's gorgeous though. I'm gonna bug you for a photo to put in my Reader's Gallery when you're done.

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

Vyvyan, you're not going to be able to stop me from deluging you with photos. I'm proud of this blanket.

I'm three rows from the end of the seventeenth repeat (and about as far from the end of the fourth ball of yarn) and I'd swear that it already seems a lot shorter. No way binding off 24 stitches could make that much difference, so I suspect it's just the little recess I took while playing with Faina's Scarf.