26 June 2007

The Knitting Diet

I've been noticing recently, that my clothes have been getting looser. I had a routine doctor's appointment today that confirmed that I've lost weight. Not an entire size, but at least half a size, maybe a little more.

What was perplexing about this was that I hadn't been doing anything special to lose weight. You know how "unexplained weight loss" is a symptom of almost every serious illness, according to all those public service announcements and news stories? I didn't exactly panic or anything, but I did think back to see if anything was different that might be the cause. I figured it out fairly quickly.

Let me introduce The Knitting Diet. It works, it's easy, and it produces a Finished Object fairly often. What could be better?

Really. I'm not kidding. Knitting is why I'm losing weight. My problem has never been eating too much at meals. It's always been snacking, mostly in the evening. With my hands full of knitting I don't seem to snack. I don't know whether it's because I'm too busy to want to snack or because I keep putting it off for just one more row or because I prefer knitting to snacking, but whatever it is, I'm just not snacking. And because I'm not, I'm losing weight.

Now I just have to figure out how to knit and ride my exercycle. Fitness is important, too. Muscle mass burns calories, even resting.


junior_goddess said...

I think socks, with yarn in a little bag hung on the front of the bike, should do nicely. Were you at Edwards?

Mary the Digital Knitter said...

I think maybe a scarf with yarn bag, because I'm not a sock knitter.

Except for six months at Lockheed Palmdale, back in the L-1011 and S-3A days, I spent my entire career at Edwards AFB. My husband spent his entire career at NASA Dryden, not just at EAFB.

Mary Lynn said...

I have discovered that knitting has kept me from snacking. Last evening, for instance, I had been thinking about a bowl of cereal or ice cream but then realized that I was almost done with my DD's "Fetching." The Fetching won and then I decided that it was just too late to eat and went to bed instead.

My niece knits on her exercycle and treadmill. Socks. She bought one of those cute little bags that are hangs from her wrist and knits away.