03 June 2007

Exuent Omnes

I'm not quite sure how to describe tomorrow. It's either going to be "With a horse the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty "Hiyo, Silver, Away!" or "Three yards and a cloud of dust."

The van is three-fourths loaded, with only stuff I don't want sitting in a hot garage overnight left to go. The windows are latched, blinds and verticals are drawn, and we'll be on our way mid-morning. OK, I'm going to aim for an 0900 departure and we'll probably pull out of the driveway before 1100. OK, before noon.

I decided to take all the dog stuff (slicker brushes, dishes, treats, etc) with us in hope that we'll get a puppy this spring. I have a breeder looking for one for us and I'm optimistic. Not that that's any different from normal, as I'm always optimistic. I've lived my entire life in a cloud of optimism and it's worked out pretty well on the whole. I've enjoyed it so far, at least.

Oh, yeah, this time I'm taking the system and software CDs. I left them here last time and I sure did miss them.

I may be a little scarce for a few days, as there will be a fair amount of unpacking to do at the other end. I'll be back.

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