24 June 2007

Busy Weekend

My microwave arrived here as predicted at about 1430 Friday afternoon. We'd gone grocery shopping Friday morning and stopped for lunch at Taco Bell. Lunch was big enough that neither of us was all that hungry, so I didn't try the microwave out, although I did get it in place. I did nuke a bag of popcorn for breakfast on Saturday, though. It's fast.

I spent a lot of Saturday doing laundry and other household tasks. I didn't really get much else accomplished. However, dinner was brought to us by Stouffers and the new microwave. I'm pleased with it.

This morning we went to Costco. We didn't have a real list, which is usually an invitation to a disastrously full cart and an expensive check-out. Not this time, for some reason. We did buy the first thing we saw, but that was an oscillating fan, which would have been on the list if we'd had one. I also picked up two plastic bins for yarn. I hadn't known Costco carried plastic bins, so these definitely weren't on my list. Other than those two items, it was all regular stuff like sourdough bread and diet Coke. Even with fans and bins we spent about what we spent at the supermarket.

I did see a guy in the parking lot with a neat folding table. It was four or five feet long, very light, and had a white plastic top. When I admired it he told me it was only $50. There's a reason I'm interested in a folding table. My husband and I recently watched a Knitty Gritty episode on dyeing yarn (the guest was Jamie Dixon, of Scout's Swag). My husband found the show as interesting as I did and I suspect that he'll be involved when I finally try dyeing. Anyway, I was thinking that this would be a good project to try outdoors, which is why I was so interested in the light-weight folding table.

If I do get into dyeing (and I have some lovely undyed yarn, mostly merino) I'll be going to Lowe's. I'm embarrassed to admit that I just love Lowe's. I can find all kinds of things there that I just can't live without. (It's almost as bad as my going to a stationery and office supply store.) What I'll have to get at Lowe's is dust masks and plastic sheeting to protect the work surface. Maybe some of that blue masking tape, too. Oh, and those foam paint brushes. And stainless steel welding rods, to use when blocking lace. What else I'll get is subject to how long I loiter in the store; the longer I stay the more I'll buy. My husband isn't much help, as he finds as much as I do. We both try to stay away, knowing how weak our will power is.


Luppernoodle said...

Oh my God!!! I LOVE office supply stores! I tell ya, we're kindred spirits you and I! I am constantly going in there because I'm an organization freak! My plans for the office (soon to be Nap Room for the daycare) closet is the dresser, some cubbies and magazine racks down the right and left side of the closet to hold the pattern books and some vases to hold the needles.

Luppernoodle said...

I've added a link to your blog on my blog.